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Special Group

Special Project ‘Air Handling Units’

Special Group

Special Project ‘Air Handling Units’

Basic Information

Welcome to the Special Project ‘Air Handling Units 2030’. Below you may find an overview of the group’s past and upcoming meetings, legislative updates concerning these products, and other news. Special Projects are open to all Eurovent members contributing to its financing. In case you would like to join this Project, please contact the Group Manager.

Short code:SP-AHU1
Project purpose:The Special Project ‘Air Handling Units 2030’ is an initiative of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ and is engaged with preparing Europe’s air handling unit industry for the year 2030. To do so, it updates Eurovent 6/8 Recommendation with calculations of energy consumption for air handling units. It is also drafting a second part of the extended Eurovent 6/8 Recommendation, covering air handling unit maintenance. Furthermore, the project deals with drafting a second part of the extended Eurovent 6/8 Recommendation regarding Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It lastly develops a Dynamic-link Library (DLL) for energy consumption and TCO calculations, based on the extension of the Eurovent 6/8 Recommendation, for integration into any AHU selection software.
Chairman:Gunnar Berg (Swegon AB, Sweden)
Vice-Chairman:Martin Lenz (TROX GmbH, Germany)
Group Secretary:Igor Sikonczyk
About us

Eurovent Market Intelligence is the European Statistics Office for the HVACR market. It provides key market data since 1994. The guiding principle of EMI is to establish a detailed map of the European, Middle Eastern and African market with the participation of the manufacturers in data collections.

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