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Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) is the European statistics office for the HVACR market, providing key market data since 1994. The guiding principle of EMI is to establish a detailed map of the European, Middle Eastern and African market with the participation of the manufacturers in the data collections.

The single sales data collected from the participants remain confidential and the overall results can be received by the participants only. We provide the manufacturers with the annual and quarterly collection results, total market estimations, market trends, and analyses. The participants can also view their own market share and ranking in the collection and see the top 5 player of the collection in an alphabetical order. While collection results are strictly reserved for the participants of the corresponding collections, EMI reports containing only the total market estimations are available for sale for non-manufacturers. EMI collections have tripled their overall number of participants in the last 6 years, and today, it reaches more than 400 manufacturers in the EMEA region within 18 different programmes.

We provide:

The participation in the annual statistics is free of charge for the companies which are certified in the corresponding programme. See details here.


Check out our news and press releases to stay up to date with the EMI activities concerning new collections, announcements, webinars and other events, Market Intelligence Committees, annual and quarterly collection dates, and much more.


30 May 2023
Beyza Aykurt attended HVACR Live in London on behalf of Eurovent Market Intelligence and gave a presentation on the British vs European HVACR market during the exhibition.
3 min read


16 January 2023
[SAVE THE DATE] Eurovent Market Intelligence presents the impact of the component shortage on the European HVACR industry and the key trends in 2022.
1 min read

Press Release

12 December 2022
Eurovent Market Intelligence published its latest report on the European HVACR market insights 2022, with the aim of delivering core market data while also focusing on the challenges such as component shortage and energy crisis.
3 min read


23 November 2022
On the behalf of Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI), Yannick Cotrelle attended the SIFA exhibition on 8 November 2022. With an impressive number of people in the audience, he made a presentation on CO2 Refrigeration Systems.
2 min read


21 November 2022
Took place in Antalya in October 2022, Eurovent Summit gathered sector professionnels over 40 meetings, 3 seminars, and 3 flagship events.
2 min read


16 August 2022
EMI is conducting a qualitative survey as one of the sources of the Special Annual Report 2022. Do not miss the discount on the most complete qualitative study ever made of the HVAC-R market.
2 min read


05 July 2022
After a long break from the live events due to the worldwide health crisis, Eurovent Market Intelligence team was pleased and grateful for being able to participate, finally in person, in the Europe’s biggest HVAC-R fair in Milan....
2 min read


15 March 2022
During last week, Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) has delivered the first 2021 market reports on Chillers, Fan coils, Rooftops, Chilled beams, Air curtains, and Water fan heaters; with Chillers, Fan coils, and Rooftops collections reaching once again record high....
1 min read


Data collections are organised annually and quarterly. Annual collections start during the first week of January until the mid-February. Quarterly surveys are collected four times per year, respectively in January, April, July and October. You can find the planning for this year below.

08-09 June 2023
Milan, Italy
12-15 September 2023
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Statistics database: Our answers to your needs

We gather manufacturers from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa to establish a detailed map of the HVACR market in the EMEA region. Participants get access to highly valuable market figures, with many different segmentations (by country, capacity, technology, etc.). It includes many insightful analyses, such as the possibility to view one’s own market share and ranking in the collection, observe the market evolution, and view the top 5 manufacturers in the collection in an alphabetical order. Check out our statistics programmes or contact us to find out more.

Market reports

We also offer reports containing only the total market estimation with the segmentation of choice for sale for non-manufacturers of the corresponding programmes. You may order a standard or customised report according to your needs, if you are not eligible for participating in the collections.


In its data collections, Eurovent Market Intelligence gathers manufacturers from all over Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Are you interested in becoming a part of the EMI collections to access detailed market reports? Click here for more information and registration details.


Our statistics programmes are open to all manufacturers. First premium participation is free of charge without any obligation to participate in the upcoming years. Check out our new ‘basic’ formula which allows participating in the programmes for free.


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