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“We appreciate the growing experience and expertise demonstrated by Eurovent Market Intelligence over the years. An admirable point of strength is represented by the proficiency whereby the data is analysed. Furthermore, the growing number of participants makes all analyses and market trends reliable and representative as ever before.”
Marta Galletti, Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, Italy

“Eurovent Market Intelligence has a strong as well as comprehensive presence of European HVAC markets and DELBAG has been effectively utilizing their business intelligence as an essential source of air filtration market information for scores of years. The information collected by Eurovent Market Intelligence has always helped us to assess its own market positions as well as explore mega trends in air filtration and regional future development. DELBAG has received nearly a decade of continuous annual market reports on air filtration from Eurovent Market Intelligence. We believe that Eurovent Market Intelligence will help anyone to ascertain economic trends in the HVAC business. Eurovent Market Intelligence uses high profile business analysts who know exactly how to illustrate their findings and create HVAC market studies that would suit anyone’s specific needs.”
Thorsten Stoffel, Delbag, Germany

“At Airedale, we don’t develop a new product or enter a new market without first consulting Eurovent market data. It is an essential and unique resource, based on actual sales data rather than generic assumptions, that allows us to make informed business decisions.”
Darren Farrar, Airedale, United Kingdom

“It is essential for us as a company to keep up with current market trends to maintain a competitive edge, whether entering new markets, expanding, or developing new products. Eurovent Market intelligence is providing essential data in key areas to understand where we are positioned today and the potential for our products and markets.”
Taina Horgan, Systemair, Sweden

“Over the last 30 years, EMI has evolved to become THE market insights reference of the European HVACR industry. The processes are robust and the team great making the reports insightful and critical for us and our industry.”
Stephane Guichard, Lennox, France

“In dynamic times, proper market research is the key to the right business decisions. The data provided by Eurovent Market Intelligence is a precious source of information used for product management. It helps to make appropriate changes related to the product portfolio or identify new markets of interest. The statistics are comprehensive and, at the same time, prepared professionally and transparently. A broad list of participants (constantly growing) guarantees high accuracy, which is unattainable for other reports. Importantly, EMI’s way of working guarantees discretion, which is especially important for manufacturers who are often competitors.”
Filip Konieczny, Flowair, Poland

“Eurovent Market intelligence plays vital role in our strategic movements. Those analysis is a critical aspect of business strategy, as it helps Friterm to understand its european target market, competition, and the overall industry landscape. The value of market analysis lies in its ability to provide valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions. We as Friterm, really appreciated to have those informations, values from Eurovent market intelligence team during the years. With their help, we can estimate the market size of our sector, new product improvements, export and import datas for our strategic decisions.”
Serdar Tümen, Friterm, Turkey

“Services proposed by Eurovent MI are goldmine to better understand specificities of HVAC sector and follow market trends evolution. With a high level of detail, Eurovent provides data and insights through EMI website tool – recently upgraded – and qualitative reports. The possibility to have access to our market share and company ranking by country and by range of product is a precious support to improve accuracy of strategic analyzes.”
Edouard Balay, Carrier, France

“The Eurovent EMI network, and the statistical reporting, provide us with valuable insights about the market development in Europe, as well as insights about technical and configuration trends within the AHU industry.”
Manuel Swärd, IV Produkt, Sweden

“Working with Eurovent Market Intelligence gives us insights into the industry that no other company can offer. The quality of the data and the accessibility of their platform make it easy for us to show the trends and changes in the market. We value the team and their knowledge as well as their quantitative and qualitative reports.”
Norbert Wenk, Stulz, Germany

“Epta is a multinational company specialised in commercial refrigeration solutions for Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality, with a strong focus on sustainable innovation. Being a global player active in Europe and overseas requires precise market information and the continuous monitoring of the market trends and the sustainability KPIs, including efficiency and performance of the products. Eurovent Market Intelligence provides a complete, qualified, detailed and clear set of market information with regular updates and with a wide base of participants, exactly what we need all the time.”
Francesco Mastrapasqua, Epta, Italy

“Eurovent Market Intelligence, is a very valuable tool for all growing organizations. More and more having the correct data or fundamental to take correct decisions. With this data we can better understand the market on the different aspects of the product and of the different markets so then we can develop our products betting on different markets.”
Paulo Feyo, Arfit, Portugal

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