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Who can participate?

Eurovent Market Intelligence programmes are open to all manufacturers, and occasionally also to distributors (in case of absence of an OEM in the collection or via a data submission agreement between an OEM and a distributor). Participation in a programme means that you will confidentially provide your required sales data for the corresponding programme. In exchange for providing your data, you will get access to the EMI reports and its database, concerning the programme and year of participation.

Confidentiality is the vital basis of our activity. The entire information that you provide us remain strictly confidential within Eurovent Market Intelligence department and cannot be disclosed to any third party. The entire activity of EMI complies with the European competition laws and EMI may be held liable for the disclosure of the confidential data to any third party including other Eurovent entities.

How to participate?

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Contact the EMI Team to get the collection formats to be submitted.

Participation formulas

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1 ‘The European market at a glance’ report is delivered in exchange for basic participation. It includes only the results regarding the total European market without split by country.

2 See the full list of the EMI reports below. Premium participation also grants access to the online database.

3 Premium participation is free of charge if this is the first participation of this manufacturer in the corresponding programme or if the manufacturer is Eurovent certified for the corresponding product.

4 Free reports can be selected from the list of products which the participant does not produce or sell.

What are EMI reports?

Participating in the EMI collections with a premium formula grants access to the following reports and the online database for the programmes and years of participation.

  • Collected & aggregated sales volume
  • Estimated total market
  • Your own market share in the collection
  • Your own rank in the collection
  • Yearly and quarterly market evolution
  • Top 5 player in the collection
  • 2 additional mini free report (under conditions)
  • Annual qualitative report (under conditions)

EMI reports in the online database can be viewed in many different segments:

  • Market by country
  • Market by capacity
  • Market by technology
  • Market by energy class
  • Market by application

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