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Water Fan Heaters

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Market Intelligence Programme

Water Fan Heaters


A Water fan heater is a stand-alone device made of the following main components: motor, fan, water-based heat exchanger and casing. It provides forced circulation of indoor air that can be also mixed with outdoor air, for the purpose of heating or cooling of indoor air, for the thermal comfort of human beings, animals, vegetables or technological processes. It does not include the source of heating or cooling nor an outdoor side heat exchanger. The device may be equipped with minimal ductwork to guide the intake and exit of air and is used for non-residential application.

Collection details

The annual data collection started in 2020.

The data is available in value (EUR) by country or region, and in units, split by

  • Market
  • Air flow of cubic meters per hour
  • Thermal power
  • Type of motor

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