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ECC, BIM&CO and PRODBIM facilitate access to certified data

12 January 2022

2 min read

ECC, BIM&CO and PRODBIM facilitate access to certified data

12 January 2022

2 min read

Eurovent’s initiative PRODBIM partners with BIM&CO and Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) to facilitate access to certified data in BIM software and exchanges. The partnership will accelerate creation of data and improve its reliability.

PRODBIM was created with the ambition of helping manufacturers to rationalise the distribution of their product data. The partnership between PRODBIM and BIM&CO will accelerate the creation of data and facilitate the digitalisation of manufacturers’ processes, ensuring considerable time savings for all users. PRODBIM’s association with ECC has the ambition to promote the use of certified product performances for more than 700 industrial members. In practice, three complementary solutions are deployed to meet this need, which are:

  1. Centralised management portal – PIM
  2. Connectors and partnerships to other platforms and tools
  3. Inter-classification correspondences and data dictionaries

In this context, PRODBIM, together with BIM&CO, has found a way to structure the certified data, to accelerate their availability and their use in the digital model. With the aim of facilitating the daily life of manufacturers, this partnership allows to distribute certified data in business software, exploit the certified status of products in a traditional and BIM process and mutualise the entry and maintenance of manufacturers data.

The two partners share many common objectives, all aligned with the desire to facilitate access to certified data in software and BIM exchanges. It is also a desire of promoting the need and harmonisation of data among manufacturers and valorisation of trusted product data. Eurovent and BIM&CO also seek to accelerate the creation of data by manufacturers, business and visibility of respective solutions and digitalisation of manufacturers’ processes.

Invitation to dedicated webinars

PRODBIM and BIM&CO cordially invite all data users and HVACR equipment manufacturers to their webinars dedicated to the partnership. The online events will talk about facilitating access to certified data in BIM software and exchanges. Register now:

  • English version
    Tuesday, 01 February 2022, 11:00h (Brussels Time)
    Register here
  • French version
    Thursday, 20 January 2022, 11:00h (Brussels Time)
    Register here


PRODBIM`s purpose is to act as a bridge between manufacturers` inhouse databases and market applications. It covers several domains such as BIM, Regulatory compliance and Specific database. As part of Eurovent, it focus’ its efforts to support manufacturers through their journey to digitalization. The association between PRODBIM and ECC ecosystem brings an expertise on the fields of HVAC equipment and their certified performances in particular.

Contact: Mr Vincent Chenault ([email protected], +33 6 30 14 45 29)

BIM&CO works to ensure that manufacturers’ content and data is compatible beyond standards and languages, allowing seamless distribution of information to any software including calculation software, BIM modelling tools and more.

Contact: Mr Valentin Malemanche ([email protected], +33 7 85 20 78 59)

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