Eurovent Certification is a subsidiary of EUROVENT. The first Eurovent Certification Programmes started on 1st January 1994 for Air Conditioners and Fan Coil Units. Other programmes were established in the following years. Today Eurovent Certification provides eighteen programmes with more than 200 participants and with market coverage between 50 and 90%.

Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The objective is to build up customer confidence by levelling the competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

The certification provides clear benefits for selection of products and their performance.

For the end users in order to get confidence that equipment will operate in accordance with design specifications, the energy cost will be correctly predicted and therefore the supplied product will correspond to the initial investment.

For manufacturers, the Eurovent Certification programmes create a common platform for competition on equal terms based on comparable data. Finally the image and integrity of the all industry will be improved and a better confidence between manufacturers and specifiers will be established.

Eurovent Certification Today

After ten years of operation a global assessment of Eurovent Certification had to be done. At the end of 2004, the Board and the CPPC (Certification Programmes and Policy Committee) concluded that the integrity of programmes must become the highest priority. It meant that the procedures for certification had to be reconsidered and rules strictly applied in order to guarantee that the performance data claimed by manufacturers correspond as much as possible to the reality.

In 2006 the assessment on the final purpose of certification was made and a new approach on communication had been decided.

Following general principles have been defined for use in all certification programmes:

  • Eurovent Certification is open to all manufacturers of relevant products - European and non-European - without any discrimination.
  • Eurovent Certification is intended for European market and only products that could be sold in Europe may be certified.
  • Products produced by European or non-European manufacturers for other markets and which could not be sold in Europe (for instance 60Hz units, non-authorised refrigerants etc.) could not be certified.
  • Products which could be sold in Europe but are intended for other markets must comply with specific rules applied in Europe (for instance, authorised refrigerants, energy labelling or minimum efficiency).
  • Conformity with safety directives (LVD, EMC, MD, PED) shall not be part of certification but will be required if applicable. However, independent laboratories shall be asked to inform participants and Eurovent on possible irregularity. If non-conformity is confirmed the certification shall not be granted.

The scope of each certification programme has to be clearly defined. Only products that may be tested by an independent laboratory either inside the laboratory or at participants' facilities shall be included.

For each certification programme only one independent laboratory should, preferably, be selected. The laboratory must be independent with no connection whatsoever to any participant in the programme. Accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025 shall be requested.

The number of tests needed for certification is a compromise between an acceptable minimum from the point of view of integrity and the cost of certification. The number of tests is defined and decided by relevant Certification Committees based on sales of products, number of presented models, cost of an individual test and method of failure treatment. The Compliance Committee may increase the number of requested tests if judged necessary for the increase of integrity.

In each programme an adequate procedure has to be established by the Compliance Committee in order to avoid that units submitted to the independent laboratory differ from the standard units selected by the staff.

The acceptable tolerances ‑ difference between claimed value and result of test in the independent laboratory ‑ shall be maintained as low as possible. Each Compliance Committee shall regularly examine the issue of tolerances and agree on reasonable values in accordance with the technology of relevant products and difficulties of measurement of performance characteristics. Laboratories shall be asked to achieve the lowest possible uncertainty of measurement. The target in the future should be to obtain no deviation between claimed values and result of test in the independent laboratory.

In the beginning of 2004 a total of 223 participants were counted in various programmes (some companies participating in two or three programmes); in January 2005 this number decreased to 208 but in January 2006 increased again to 220. In May 2007 although some companies were expelled still 220 participants join the programme.

In 2006 the Advisory Marketing Committee has been established; consisting of high level marketing executives of participating companies. This committee is charged with defining an overall marketing strategy.

The purpose of promotional activity of Eurovent Certification shall be to obtain the satisfaction of customers - the users of certified products. Therefore, the emphasis has to be put on different items. The communication will be concentrated on following points:

  • close relations with consultants associations
  • publications in trade magazines
  • lobbying with public authorities
  • improving of web-site and implementing search engines


The marketing plan for 2007 and 2008 has been established. It consists of a number of presentations to seminars organised by local associations of consultants, generally members of Rehva. The direct collaboration with Rehva has been increased and participation to relevant congresses will be regular: for example, Eurovent Certification organised a workshop at "Clima 2007" in June 2007 in Helsinki.

The Eurovent Certification website or Online Directory of Certified Products contains details of the programmes, list of participants, product references and performances ratings. Eurovent Certification Company provides updated information on all certified products and ranges as well as the situation concerning new participants.

In July 2013, Certita and Eurovent Certification Company, major players in the certification of products in the field of HVAC&R, concluded the merge of their activities within a single company named Eurovent Certita Certification. The new entity becomes a European leading certification body in the field of HVAC&R with 35 certification programs. The main quality brands currently offered are "Eurovent certified performance", NF, CSTBat and the European Keymark.