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Georges Mauer, Managing Director Managair

The Eurovent Market Intelligence gives our company a very valuable overview of the European Market, very precise and with good frequency; it allows us to understand our position and our performance compared to the averaged figures.

Marta Galletti, Market Analyst MEHITS (ex-Climaveneta)

We appreciate the growing experience and expertise demonstrated by EMI over the years.
An admirable point of strength is represented by the proficiency whereby the data are analyzed. Furthermore, the growing number of participants makes all analyses and market trends reliable and representative as never before.

Emiliano Pellis, Product Manager Daikin-McQuay

Market intelligence activity is very important for our Company to know the market size of our business and to evaluate our performance in terms of market share. The market knowledge helps also in the product development strategy, allowing us to estimate the potential market for new products. The quality of the EMI report has grown a lot during the last years, in particular for chillers. We have appreciated the introduction of a table with figures ‘in value' and we anticipate further future improvements in order to provide us with a more reliable source for any market analysis.

Thomas Vendasi, Market Intelligence Analyst UTC (ex-Ciat)

In such competitive time, an organization like EMI is essential for manufacturers and others market actors. We always need reliable data from market, and the numerous EMI's services (annual collection, quarterly market evolution, reassessment ...) provide us tools for a better marketplace decode. EMI's website gives also an access to market share, as well as ranking and market history, in every studied country allowing some strategic adjustment if necessary. The recent addition of macroeconomic elements, coupled with market trends, are a proof of constant improvement from EMI team.

Francesco Mortandello, Cooling Product Manager - Supervisory Systems ( Schneider Electric | IT Business )

In the last years, the European Marketing Intelligence (EMI) has increased the capability to provide reliable and added value data. In parallel, focusing on Chiller and Precision Air Conditioning data collection and attending the Marketing Intelligence Commitee (MIC), I've experienced a strong cooperation among the partners that are competitors on field, but with a positive proactive attitude during the round table discussions. From a data sharing perspective, I've particularly appreciated the improvements on the Web site, which provides effective and quick procedures to upload/download data; this tool has strongly improved the appeal with the platform and quick analysis. Looking at the future, I'm confident that we are in the right direction towards even more dynamic discussions, enthusiasm within the Team, fast reaction to changes thanks to proposals sharing and improving strategic analysis to support all of us in Market Intelligence study.