2007 and 2008 are transitional year for EUROVENT in terms of main EUROVENT's activities which are technical and environment issues.

The essential to technical issues remains Working Group meetings as they bring European manufacturers together to examine common issues and contribute to interests of the whole industry.

The Working Groups are generally organized around a particular product. Sub-groups are sometimes formed to work on very particular issues; they usually prepare decisions to be taken by the full group or to be implemented in Certification Programmes. The Working Groups with a larger scope, covering several products (e.g. acoustics, indoor air quality or industrial ventilation) have no recently met. During 2007 year, seven Working Groups have been active. The participation of manufacturers is satisfactory, generally between seven and fifteen people. While each Working Group has its proper work programme, the most common important issues are:

  • Follow-up of International Standardization
  • Preparation of application documents and recommendations
  • Follow-up of European legislation and actions if appropriate
  • Preparation and publication of promotional brochures

Various products are represented by following Working Groups:

  • WG1 Fans
  • WG2 Air Diffusion & Distribution
  • WG 4A Dust Removal & Gas Cleaning
  • WG 4B Air Filters
  • WG 6A Chillers
  • WG 6B Air Conditioners
  • WG 6C Air Handling Units
  • WG 6D Fan Coil Units
  • WG 7 Heat Exchangers
  • WG 8 Acoustics
  • WG 9 Cooling Towers
  • WG 12 Indoor Air Quality
  • WG 13 Industrial Ventilation
  • WG 14 Display Cabinets
  • WG Directives

The European legislation, expressed essentially through Directives, has been for many years one of the most important issues for industry. National Associations, member of Eurovent, have been involved in interpretation and preparation of various Directives for a long time and they continue this task. However, it has been understood that the Eurovent could be a convenient place to co-ordinate some actions and to achieve more influence at the European level.

The Eurovent Environmental Commission has been mainly involved in Ecodesign Directive topics, thus most other environmental issues did not much evolve during 2007.